April 2017 cool diverse releases post! Part 2

I am sorry this is very late, and that I’ve also kind of vanished in general. I have just had a major change in my work circumstances – I will do my best to explain a bit later. I am having a hard time right now, so updates might be scarce.

Lucky Broken Girl cover

Apr 11: Lucky Broken Girl by Ruth Behar [YA/MG]

OK this is set to be a quintessential #ownvoices book, as far as I can tell. Disabled Cuban-Jewish immigrant protagonist, the story is based on the author’s childhood experiences. (If you read the back cover blurb – the author herself was also in a full body cast.)

When I Grow Up... cover

Apr 11: When I Grow Up I Want to be a List of Further Possibilities by Chen Chen [Poetry]

Debut collection from a Chinese-American queer immigrant poet! It is already garnering best-of list mentions and it’s not even out yet. It looks from the summary that this volume might have somewhat similar themes to When the Chant Comes by Kay Ulanday Barrett, which I am planning on reviewing soon.

Edge of the Abyss cover

Apr 18: The Edge of the Abyss by Emily Skrutskie [YA/MG] [SFF]

Sequel to one of my favorite YA novels of 2016, The Abyss Surrounds Us – queer teen pirates, sea monsters, ACTION, and a book-length disassembling of the captive love interest trope. Sign me up for the new one too 😀

My Cat Yugoslavia cover

Apr 18: My Cat Yugoslavia by Pajtim Statovci, translated by David Hackston [Adult] [Magical realism] [Translation]

This is apparently a novel about a gay Muslim guy from Kosovo who’s a refugee in Finland and who has a cruel talking cat?? By an author from Kosovo who’s a refugee in Finland, no guarantees about the talking cat though. This novel looks epic – another magical-realist book that is not marketed at the speculative fiction crowd at all, but it is nicely gathering starred reviews. I already have it on library hold, I want this book to be thrown at me.

Buffalo Soldier cover

Apr 25: Buffalo Soldier by Maurice Broaddus [Adult] [SFF]

Maurice Broaddus just had a short story collection out, and once I dig myself out from under my “I have been even worse off healthwise than usual” pile (I’m working on it!) you will get a review of that one too, G-d willing. This is a new novella from Tor. Tor had some amazing work from Black authors last year, here’s hoping for more!

Through Immortal Shadows Signing cover

Apr 26: Through Immortal Shadows Singing by Mari Ness [Adult] [SFF] [Poetry]

Novella-length epic poem about Helen of Troy. Mari Ness has a strong and self-assured poetic voice, and an affinity for mythic themes – so this is definitely a work to look forward to. (I would also like to see a novel! 🙂 )

April 2017 cool diverse releases post! Part 1

I’m a bit late with this entry, it was supposed to go up a few days ago – sorry about that! $5+ Patreon backers got the preview quite a while ago, it just took me time to insert the pictures and various bits of code.

There are 12 books I am looking forward to this month, so you’ll get six per entry. This month looks set to be strong in single-author short story collections.

Titles link to Amazon. There are some quite solid preorder deals going on right now, e.g., the Lesley Nneka Arimah collection hardcover is half off.

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Transcendent 2 is coming and I’ll be editing it

Suddenly an announcement!

I am editing the new, second volume of Transcendent: The Year’s Best Transgender Speculative Fiction, coming from Lethe Press. You can send me your 2016 work for possible inclusion now, now now!

*** Detailed submissions guidelines here on the Lethe website. ***

Open submissions period until May 30, send all your eligible work and tell all your friends 🙂 The timeline is a bit tight due to publishing-related factors, so send your stories fast! Please do not self-reject, I want to read absolutely everything that fits the guidelines and I am also running in circles to find more. 🙂

People have been asking various questions, I am paraphrasing all the questions and putting them here for your benefit.

Ongoing Q&A: (last update April 12)

Can I send you my unpublished story?

No – sorry, this anthology is for previously published work only. (With a first publication date sometime in 2016.)

If I put a story on my website, does that count as previously published?

Yes, it does! If you had a story first available on your website / blog / etc. in 2016, and it satisfies the guidelines, you can absolutely send it in.

Can you change the guidelines to accept previously unpublished work?

No – this is a year’s best anthology, which means that it collects the best of the previous year’s publications. Lethe Press has a variety of these year’s bests – there is also Heiresses of Russ for the previous year’s best lesbian SFF, and Wilde Stories for the previous year’s best gay SFF. So changing the guidelines to include originals would miss the whole point of the Transcendent series.

I, however, have edited various other projects which accepted previously unpublished work, and will probably edit them in the future as well. I also try to post all the paid trans anthology calls on Twitter, you can follow me at @bogiperson. I recommend the #translit hashtag, too!

I published my story on Amazon, is it eligible?

Yes, self-published work is absolutely eligible and very welcome.

I’m not a native speaker of English, can I submit?

Yes, absolutely! FYI, I’m not a native speaker of English either 🙂

My story is humorous / cheerful / fluffy, is it eligible?

Yes, there are absolutely no style constraints and I would very much like to have a diversity of tone and voice, not only a diversity of submitters 🙂

Can I send more than one story?

Yes, I would like to see all your eligible work, please do not cherry-pick. That is my job 🙂

Should I put stories in separate emails?

It is fine either in separate emails or one big email! I do prefer the stories in separate attachments, though. Also, if you submit something and then realize you have more, that is totally fine, just send it in another email.

I am not sure my story is speculative enough…?

Send it in and I can decide! I would rather read more than less. I am interested in fiction about gender and sex minorities even if it is not speculative, so even if your story does not qualify for the anthology, I will keep it in mind for future projects. But to be honest, I am not the kind of person who nitpicks a lot over what is speculative, and I often find the “edge cases” especially resonant. Just send it and #dontselfreject 🙂

[TV review] Oasis – pilot episode

It is that time of the year when Amazon puts up a bunch of TV pilots on Prime and tests audience response. Since we have a Prime subscription at home, we get these for free. Most of them looked uninteresting this year, so I just skipped them, but Oasis was set to be a series on an alien planet with a priest protagonist, so I thought this might be either really good or…

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[Book review] The Someday Birds by Sally J. Pla

The Someday Birds by Sally J. Pla (HarperCollins, 2017)

I saw people talking about this book as an autism #ownvoices work, and I’d like to read allllll the autism books by autistic authors (or just about anything by autistic authors 🙂 ), so I put The Someday Birds on my wishlist and Era Brand got it for me. Thank you very much!!

A post shared by Bogi Takács (@bogiperson) on

The Someday Birds is a fun middle-grade adventure about a road trip, family chaos and many birds. The protagonist, Charlie is a neuroatypical boy whose dad acquired a head injury in Afghanistan. When his dad is taken to a faraway hospital for treatment, Charlie ends up traveling to him across the continental US with his siblings, a three-legged dog and Ludmila, a mysterious friend of the family who’s also a grumpy Eastern European perkygoth of sorts. (Yes, it is possible to be grumpy and perky at the same time. Exhibit: me.)

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[Album review] Splendor and Misery by clipping. + Hugo recs!

I posted my Nebula award recommendations a while ago, and they hold for the Hugos too:

+ also do not miss my review of Viscera that I wrote after I put together the recommendations list, and make sure to follow my Twitter for various other recommendations like M Sereno / Likhain for all artist categories imaginable. (Rose had a post about Likhain that I suggest you read.)

BUT!!! I have the most amazing last-minute Hugo award recommendation for you, I think it is eligible in both Best Related Work and Best Dramatic Presentation, Short Form.

Splendor & Misery is an Afrofuturist concept album by rap group clipping, telling the story of a Black man who is a slave laborer on a spaceship. He successfully escapes and the album follows him along.

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March diverse book releases! PART 2

My health has been pretty awful, but I’ve been starting literally every single blog post with that, it feels annoying. So let’s just jump straight into Part 2 of the March diverse book releases list, with NINE more books!

Part 1 is here, and if you’re interested in getting these release lists before they go online in public, they are a bonus for my $5 and higher Patreon backers about two weeks in advance of their public release.

Links point to Amazon preorders (with affiliate links – I get a few cents after each book) – usually there is a discount, and don’t forget that preordering helps the books on bestseller lists and also helps the authors get a better contract on their next release! 🙂

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March diverse book releases! PART 1

I have been away because of work deadlines and then my health basically dropping out from underneath me. I’m feeling better now and trying to catch up! This is part ONE of the massive TWO-parter that is my March diverse book releases post. It obviously doesn’t contain all the diverse books, but it has all the ones I personally found interesting and spotted in new release / library acquisition / etc. lists.

I also have a new feature on my Patreon: $5 and above patrons get advance access to my monthly book release lists! So if you liked this one and would like to have it even earlier, you know what to do 🙂 It’s basically the same text and links as these posts, minus the cover pics.

And now for the first round… You can preorder the books from Amazon by clicking on the titles, there usually is a preorder discount. (Disclosure that I get a small % of each sale.)

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Nebula nominations with free reads!

The Nebula award shortlist just came out! Congrats everyone! It is a very nice list and has many of my favorites from last year.

Every year I have trouble finding a hyperlinked list of all the free Hugo and Nebula reading, so this time I’m going to take the initiative and make one myself right away instead of waiting.

Last update: Feb 21 2017 – two more stories! Stufflebeam and Krasnoff. Thank you Carlos Hernandez and JJ for sending me links!

Nothing in the novel or novella categories is free yet.


Short Story


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Funded! And further news…

Dear everyone,

Thank you for your support! The mini-fundraiser to help me write an essay/howto on including migrants in SFF funded and overfunded. A total of 20 people donated $201.64 (this already has transfer fees deduced from the sum, which is why it ends with 64 cents). This was well over my target of $150 and will enable me to also pay my beta readers more!

Thank you very much to all backers: Amanda Grondski, Amanda Perry, Ava A. Jarvis, Brendon Soltis, Bryn Greenwood, Kate Heartfield, D Franklin, Jeriann Ireland, Jill Seidenstein, Juliette Wade, Kaelan Rhywiol, Krista Ball, Lauren Wallace, M Sereno, Marisa Fernandez, MJ Cunniff, Nicole Wolverton, Sharmin Abbasi, Silvia Moreno-Garcia, Tami Veldura.

Everyone should have gotten their backer rewards, please email me if that’s not the case!

Right now I am scrambling to make a work deadline on the 20th of February, so the essay will probably go live sometime after that! Backers will be listed again on top of it. 🙂

Thanks again for your support, and also a big thank you to all my recent new Patreon supporters – I am only $4 to the next monthly goal and I even had a dream about it. (+ bonus sketch!)


In the meanwhile, I registered on Instagram and find it nice and relaxing. I am planning on making bookstagram pics for the books I review and I already made the next one, for An Accident of Stars by Foz Meadows! Review coming soon, G-d willing. 🙂